Success Stories

Fondly known as ‘Little Di’, Dianne has the energy of a tornado and enthusiasm of someone who is over 6 foot tall. Her dedication to fitness is shown throughout the classes that she teaches. From the gentleness of Pilates, to putting the party in to Zumba, Dianne will be the instructor for you. Being a part of her class, she has the knack of making you feel that the class is dedicated to you. Making sure that you safety is looked after whilst you are enjoying your time. On a personal note, I like to thank Dianne for the encouragement and support she has given me to change my life through Fitness. – Karon Martin

‘Ive found Fitness Pilates to be a fun mind-body work out that has improved my posture & core strength. Dianne is friendly, welcoming & supportive. No matter your level of ability Dianne tailors her classes to be suitable to all throughout the sessions. Pilates is ‘my time’ in a busy life, I have found it helps me regulate my stress, tones & strengthens my body, improves my posture & increases energy flow throughout. Many thanks Dianne for a fabulous class!! – Johanna Cliffe

‘I’ve been attending the Fitness Pilates class and really enjoy it. Di’s smiling and welcoming approach makes you feel at ease & her teaching style is positive and encouraging. The exercises are really helpful. I have noticed my body feels more toned and my posture & strength are improving. It helps me connect with my body and I find it relaxing. The classes are fun and have ‘the feel good’ factor! Thanks Di’ – Lynda Norris
‘I have been attending these classes for nearly two years and find them thoroughly enjoyable. Being in my mid 70’s I appreciate the flexible approach, always being given options to fit in with my slightly limited physical abilities. Very beneficial and good fun’ – Mollie Berwick

I Have been attending Di’s zumba class for nearly a year and I couldnt live without it now! Her welcoming smile and bags of energy really make for a great class, everyone thrives off the great routines which are easy to follow and a great workout with amazing results…so much fun it doesnt even seem like exercise!” – Carla Kirkby xxxx

I have been atending Beamfit class for several months & although it is challenging to stay on the Beam I have noticed that I am improving staying on & that my legs & hips are definately more toned & shapely. The class is not competitive at all & Di is lovely handing out praise & support plus correcting if the pose is not right, very important I think. I have also started beginners Pilates & feel the 2 classes in conjunction work well plus the relaxation at the end is lovely, my posture has greatly improved & feel the classes are very beneficial – From a 60+ non gym bunny!?

Pure Stretch …Still feeling good this morning .. more upright and shoulders  in good position and easier for body to  find a better posture. Some feelings of being worked around middle and hips feel different… in a good way not easy to find descriptive words  lol ;-) felt pleasantly tired last night and slept well. :-) good “feel good” factor this morning too :-) My back feel great thank you. All twinges gone. :-)
Legs, inner thighs and bum are telling me they have been worked when I go upstairs  but in a good way . Just enough to let me know it was a good session for me and not so much  I’m ooching and ouching ;-) lol
I really like the class I found it was brilliant for getting in touch with my body and what it needs and was sort of peaceful. Just what I needed :-) :-)

‘Hi Dianne, I thought I would share with you that I had an appointment , after waiting for 3 months, at Liskeard Hospital , for physio yesterday. After a thorough assessment, which included balancing on one leg at a time and testing my muscle strength, he told me that he was most impressed with my overall ability and no need to attend for any treatment. He was most interested when I told him how much Pilates was helping me . All thanks to you x’

PURE STRETCH – ‘I’m really, really pleased with the improvement in my back. I’m getting less pain and feel truly great after the class. My stiffness has improved too. I feel taller & very stretched. Discovering muscles which are stiffer & muscles which aren’t. I’ve learnt a lot about my body and hope I learn more. Thanks Di’